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Episode 25 (Season finale)

(5th May 02019)

James Hay, Josie, Matthew and special guest Laurie Blair discuss holding hands for miles, the mafia WhatsApp group and Crater Face McGee.

Episode 24

(7th April 02019)

Josie, Matthew, James Hay and special guest Laurie Blair discuss the coolest name in the animal kingdom, squirting lava from a hole, and sea loot.

Episode 23

(24th March 02019)

Fran, James Wells, Matthew and Josie discuss having too much love to give, Hartlepool, and hot-cold confusion.

Episode 22

(10th March 02019)

James, Matthew, Fran and Sophie discuss eating an aeroplane, Martian sunsets, and a pillar made of slugs.

Episode 21

(24th February 02019)

Matthew, Sophie, and two special guests, Philly and Nathan, discuss Demogorgon robots, penises with legs and eating chips and gravy off the floor.

Episode 20

(3rd February 02019)

Sophie, Josie, Matthew and special guest Paul Stubley discuss Randy Gardner's ribbon, Josie drinking waterpark water, and a bathtub of ice-cream with two portions of fries.

Episode 19

(20th January 02019)

Matthew, Josie, Sophie and special guest Paul Stubley discuss an atmosphere made of fish, Champagne Boy, and eating three breals a day.

Episode 18

(16th December 02018)

In our festive special Fran, Sophie, James Wells and Matthew discuss the Christmas stick, 1000 mince pies, and teething toddler Jesus.

Episode 17

(2nd December 02018)

Sophie, Matthew, Josie and special guest Paul Stubley discuss setting your hair on fire as a conversation starter, Popworld on Mars, and trampoline rooms.

Episode 16

(18th November 02018)

Josie, Matthew, James Hay and special guest Paul Stubley discuss carpeted Everest, helium stockpiles and Hollywood frogs.

Episode 15

(4th November 02018)

James Hay, Josie, Matthew and special guest Paul Stubley discuss Clever Hans the maths horse, not chomping, and laser guided udder seekers.

Episode 14

(21st October 02018)

Matthew, James Wells, Josie and special guest James Hartley discuss ‘no-hands!’ surgery, last place blue, brown bread ice cream, and wine-glugging parrots.

Episode 13

(7th October 02018)

Josie, Matthew, James Wells and special guest James Hartley discuss being like Mario, living underwater in a shopping centre, and death by jiggling.

Episode 11

(16th September 02018)

James, Fran, Matthew and Tom discuss hangover causes and flying cats, with Fran speaking some Spanish thrown in.

Warning: if you’re a nervous flier, this episode discusses plane crashes.

Episode 12

(2nd September 02018)

Tom, Matthew, Fran and James discuss forgetting names, swim bladders, which dog breed they each look like, and belly buttons.

Episode 10

(19th August 02018)

Fran, James, Sophie and Matthew discuss albino zoos, rich people living on the inside of the earth, wolf packs and countless existential crises.

Episode 9

(5th August 02018)

Matthew, Josie, Sophie and James discuss betraying your mates, 50 First Dates, mini-blink-sleeps, and Beyoncé loving whales.

Episode 8

(22nd July 02018)

Sophie, James, Matthew and Josie discuss sneaky dolphins, building stars, the truth about how healthy it is to drink coffee, and high speed space junk.

Episode 7

(7th July 02018)

Josie, Matthew, James and Sophie discuss wailing loads, ‘Is it a bird or is it a train?', horrendously un-relaxing experiences, and Sophie letting her shady bucket list slip.

Episode 6

(17th June 02018)

James, Sophie, Josie and Matthew discuss elephants that paint, sweating sunscreen, knee pits, and Josie giving Matthew's videos the cold shoulder.

Episode 5

(3rd June 02018)

Matthew, Josie, Sophie and James discuss bee battle cries, stripping stars, Ice 7, and crying on the tube.

Episode 4

(20th May 02018)

Sophie, Matthew, James and Josie discuss happy Denmark, chopping a water bear in half, rollerskating dogs, and the ballooniverse.

Episode 3

(6th May 02018)

James, Sophie, Josie and Matt talk about powerful smarties, naughty beings in the sky, using lasers to spy on conversations, and 2003.

Episode 2

(6th May 02018)

Josie, James, Matt and Sophie talk about reading two books at once, the pursuit of many legs, sardine milk, and supermarket musicals.

Episode 1

(6th May 02018)

Matt, Fran, Josie and James talk about dirty soap, eating your tail, fancy pink salt, and lonely whales.